Epigenetics Explained: Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny

 What is DNA but the story your ancestors pass down to you?  Since the discovery of DNA, we have been told that this story is set in stone.  You are given your genetic makeup signed, sealed, and delivered. 

Now we know this isn’t the case. 

We now know that certain lifestyle choices can actually alter the way our DNA communicates with the rest of our body.  Eating well and exercising is now a way to alter the harmful genes your ancestors passed down to you and to give you and your children the keys to a healthy future. 

The landscape of health and wellness is starting to shift with the newly found insights into Epigenetics.  Whole food diets, lifestyles and, supplements have been created around this groundbreaking information. People who were born with genes making them prone to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases can now limit the expression of those genes!  If you were born with genes making you susceptible to certain cancers, there are ways to limit how much those genes can be expressed. These are facts. What we are talking about here is how diet or other habits can alter the expression of different genes. However, these modifications are not the results of new genes, your diet does not edit the cells that are passed down through your parents. 

     There have been numerous studies on various genetic conditions and how certain lifestyle choices impact them. Your future is not set in stone anymore. Your DNA is not your Destiny. 

     There have been numerous studies in which meditation has created genetic changes. In one of the most famous studies on Epigenetics,   McGill University looks at rats and their maternal care. Rats whose mothers are inattentive to them often fail to develop genes that silence stress responses. These rats have more intensified stress responses, which then is passed down to their offspring’s genetic code.

What if I said to you that you could change the stress responses handed to you by your parents(outside of therapy)!?!

Well, you can. Body, mind, and soul wellness are all expressed in genetics and can all change through choice. 

It’s not a new natural health craze, it’s not a gimmick. This is science, this is genetics, this  area of science has huge potential for understanding how our choices can impact our DNA. This in effect, gives us some  autonomy from inheritance.  Now, scientifically speaking, we know information that can change the course of your destiny and maybe that of your family. 

We know that you can control more than we ever thought possible. We know how to interact with our own genetic code. This is the kind of stuff that doesn’t just treat symptoms but goes to the root of the problem.

 Let’s take exercise as an example; it has been recently found by researchers at the Karolinska Institute that daily exercise is linked with differences in the storage of fat within cells. This plays a huge role in genes known to affect metabolism, insulin response, and inflammation. Let’s say you inherited genes associated with diabetes or obesity, through exercises targeted on Epigenetic findings, you would be able to alter the expression of those genes.

The recent research on Epigenetics is just a health revolution waiting to happen. The research on what can positively alter genes so that we have less health issues has been looked at by researches in universities across the world, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. They also have been looking at exercises, and nutrition. There are only a few supplements that have ventured into this space as well. One is Asea Cellular Health. They found that their flagship product, Asea Redox, can help you harness the power of these findings directly into your daily life. 

What is Asea Redox?

Asea Redox has developed one of the only supplements on the market using these findings. They have the world’s only balanced set of Redox Signaling molecules that can be taken in a liquid form or applied topically via its gel, Renu 28. Asea targets five areas of genetic sequences and has been shown to:

  • Improve immune system health
  • Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response
  • Help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity
  • Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production
  • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness

Asea works by using your own body’s messaging to cultivate wellness, health, and longevity. This could be the only supplement you take, and when you take it you don’t just improve your health but the health of anyone you might pass your genetic down to. Some of the genetic messaging that Asea assists with is simply age-related; as you age the communication between your cells decreases. Asea helps improve overall gene communication as well as within those five specific categories. This allows it to also serve as an optimizer of other things you take or do for wellness because it improves the cells ability to “hear” each other and “react” . more quickly. It is part of a Redox Health Revolution.

 Using Epigenetics in this way is groundbreaking, imagine the implications! Those familial digestion issues, hormonal imbalances, and difficulty losing weight could all be alleviated by Asea, and what’s more, they don’t have to be inherited traits. 

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