My Journey to The Wellness World Began With Asea

I’ve been a PT for 20 years. Very science based, steeped in the traditional medical model for my entire career.
I love western medicine, science based medicine, I think it is a true miracle.
That is, until it failed me.
I suffered silently from a personal gut issue that left me looking for the toilet over 6 times a day. Twice in the morning, once or twice DURING a meal, and usually at the exact wrong time of day. I asked my doctors for help but they worked me up for Celiac’s disease and said that I didnt have it. So they told me to stop drinking coffee…
Really?! You DONT think I’ve tried that already?!
Anyway, I had given up hope and was introduced to a product that had a technology that I thought was a bunch of hogwash. After researching it, I was intrigued, so I tried it. It was introduced to me as an athletic enhancer (I did a lot of kickboxing, and mma). Curiously, it helped me feel a bit more energized and allowed me to recover after workouts more quickly…but the miracle happened about a year later.
I realized after a year of taking the product that my back issues, foot issues, energy issues where gone. I kind of discounted all of this a bit. The thing that changed my life was that my bowel movements went from 6 to once or twice a day…changed my life.
Wellness is all interrelated. There are no silver bullets to wellness. The more you know, the more you implement, the greater the chance you will feel the best you can. I wish to teach more people about whole food nutrition, exercise, prayer/mindfulness/meditation, hydration, sleep, and supplements including the Asea Redox  products. I am dedicated to teaching the world about what I have found. I feel great and wish to help people feel great too.
If you would like to learn more about what I do, or would like to enhance your health and well being click the button below to learn more…

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