New Solutions to your Skin Problems

    New Solutions to your Skin Problems

     You may have noticed as you get older, that you are starting to experience some skin woes. The most noticeable place this occurs is on your face. Sun damage, a poor diet, and a stress-filled lifestyle may be taking a toll. So where do you turn? You are probably surrounded by advertisements for cheap products that promise value, but don’t deliver, and over-priced products that don’t live up to their price tag.

     You’re probably worn out, from trying product after product, you’ve probably tried every natural remedy – maybe you’ve spent time in your kitchen mixing honey or mashed up cucumber into a home skin remedy. Maybe you are catching yourself looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with the person you see staring back at you, or maybe you have even pondered going under the knife and seeking a more radical solution to turn back the clock on your skin’s appearance.

     Before you do something radical, that will alter your appearance in a harsh way, and before you spend more money on cheap products that disappoint, consider some of the solutions below.

     Let’s start with the most basic thing: Whether you have dry, peeling skin, or a bad sunburn, or skin that breaks out in acne on a regular basis – one of the best things you can do for your skin is to give your body the hydration it needs by making sure your water intake is adequate. Drinking more water helps to soften your appearance – when you are dehydrated your wrinkles and dry skin will give your facial features a much more pronounced look. So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day!

     Secondly, utilize sunscreen, even if the day is cooler, or slightly overcast. The sun’s harmful rays may not give you a sunburn all the time, but they can take a toll on your appearance over time. Too much exposure can also leave you vulnerable to skin cancer. So, wear protective clothing, take that extra few minutes to apply sunscreen, and if possible stay out of direct sunlight from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please also avoid tanning beds, as you can also get the same harmful effects from these artificial lights as you can from the sun.

     Finally, think outside the box for your skin care. You have probably tried many combinations of products over the years. But what if there was a four step system that contained a balanced skin care routine that could help your skin’s appearance – by assisting your skin on a cellular level.When you are young, your skin renews itself naturally, and at a faster rate. As you age, the rate of skin cell renewal slows down dramatically. Renu Advanced assists your skin by aiding in skin cell renewal and communication through a process called redox signaling. It sounds complicated, but there are just four steps to this amazing skin care routine. The first step is a gentle refining cleanser. The cleanser gives you a safe and gentle way to wipe away grime and remove makeup. Then there is the ultra-replenishing moisturizer which visibly enhances your skin’s appearance in firmness and elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Next, there is the intensive redox serum, which targets the area around the eyes or the ‘crow’s feet’ and reduces the appearance of under eye bags. Finally, there is Renu 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel, which supports healthy circulation, can reduce the appearance of cellulite, can help reduce the inflammation of sunburn, and works to improve your skin’s overall appearance. This amazing system isn’t just an expensive ‘name brand’ skin care line, and it isn’t the least expensive out there. It’s a value packed, scientifically backed, all-natural solution to your skin’s woes.

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