The Root Not the Fruit

What is Asea: The Root Not the Fruit.

Asea Redox can be confusing because we have never seen anything like it before

    Many people ask the question, “Can Asea Redox Signaling water help me with…? ” Then, I get the whole gamut of issues:  cancer?, infection? psoriasis? diabetes? pain? lose weight? balding? pain? etc etc.

     I just shake my head and realize, that those questions show that people just don’t get it. Those are diseases that should be treated by a medicine or treatment or cure for a disease.

     If we were talking about an apple tree, the apple is the body part,  the diseases are the worms in the apple, and the medicine may be a pesticide.

    Asea Redox Signaling water and Renu 28 are NOT that at all. They are more like the roots in the  fertile soil that the tree sits in. The better the soil and roots, the better chances of having a juicy apple.

     Redox Signaling molecules are found in every cell of the body.  That’s every human, animal and heck, even plants cell.  They are produced by something inside the cell, called the mitochondria.  These mitochondria also produce the energy that we use to function.  We produce less and less of these redox signaling molecules as we age.   This  impacts our cell’s ability to efficiency and effectively communicate with things inside of the cell as well as with each neighboring cell.  

    Communication is key . When there is lack of cell communication, well then it  impacts every single process that we need to function.  

     Asea Redox water helps cells function better than without it. Every cell, every single person.  

 It is not the end all be all, and  it is not a “miracle cure”. However,  it is something that  scientists are looking at how this affects every single aspect of our physical being.  Now, it is the one of the fastest growing sciences.  There are over 17,000 published articles covering this redox signaling science.

So What is Asea? It is unique, it is new,  it is patented, and it is proven.

It is the world’s ONLY form of stabilized Redox Signaling molecules on the planet.  

Asea provides a rejuvenated cellular environment that will allow your body to function better than it does without it.   

Try it at and learn about it. It will help you look and feel better in a more profound way…down to the core.

By Karl Lange PT -Certified Expert of Aging Adults

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