The Health pet peeve and the cost you pay for it.

The Health pet peeve and the cost you pay for it

The Health pet peeve and the cost you pay for it. If you have a pet,pet children or pet families, raise your hand. Did you know that 67% of US residents are pet owners. That accounts for about 85 million families being pet owners! Over 57% world wide and Dogs and Cats make up over 840 million world wide that are kept for pets. Staggering to say the least. When we think about Health care, the costs, the deductibles and the unknown that affect our human lifes, we forget sometimes the pets we care for as well. All to often taken by suprise when Fido needs some care and 2,300.00 later we feel the sting. Lets take a look at some statistics.

  • On average, a pet costs about 2,800 a year. Taking into consideration, adoption fees, vet check ups, medication and treatment. Factoring in grooming and food as well. (These are based on Cat’s and Dog’s)
  • This typically costs the owner between 12,500 to 20,000 lifetime. Based on the factors above. Keeping in mind that one bad accident or health issue and the numbers and factors could double.
  • Medication costs are sky rocketed with the onset of new diseases and health issues that we not only face but are pets are facing too. One pill in a script of 20 could be upwards of $300 per pill. Do the math and factor that into your prescription as well. (Please note the *Good RX covers pet meds)
  • Visits alone can costs thousands. Heart worm treatment on average is $50 for the visit and $400-$1000 for treatment alone!
  • Food, a very grey area. First you want eat healthy but what about your pet? Is it fair to feed them the 5 for a dollar brand? What are they eating? Whats in there making them unhealthy to begin with. we all know good health starts with good eating habits. Average costs to provide a healthy diet for your pet is $20-60 a month or $250-700 per year. I know some that pay that a month.

The Health pet peeve and the cost you pay for it, Offering an alternative, a holistic approach to a scientific breakthrough.

Let me show you a revolution that has been going on in the pet community. Prevention and good care are key. Too many times we choose the needle because we cannot afford the cost or we are not supplied with the knowledge that’s available to us. Below are some incredible pics of pets being healed and cured by other means. Please find the full PDF here ASEA ANIMALS

We are not making any medical claims nor claiming to have the cure-all. ASEA/REDOX, though a human breakthrough, works on all living things. Choosing to use this therapy is solely the reader’s choice. These are some more costly health issues and injuries that could have cost thousands. Thanks to a medical breakthrough in the Human world, now every living thing can benefit. The benefits are tremendous and the proof abounds.

Please view the PDF your ASEA associate provided you and get in touch with him or her today.

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