Saving money and ASEA

Please note that ASEA does offer monthly incentives with your orders and offers discounts. Please check your inbox for any offers that may help you with your orders.. Start Saving money and ASEA

Purchasing a case of ASEA at wholesale pricing versus purchasing retail will save you up to 20%! The monthly Auto-ship program/Preferred Customer or an ASEA Associate, is the best and fastest ways to improve your savings. The Preferred customer status is the monthly Auto-ship program. This will allow you to receive a case automatically every month. You can also cancel any time via our online customer portal.

Saving money and ASEA

You can start Saving money and ASEA as a Retail Customer at the retail price. However, why buy ASEA at retail when you can buy ASEA as a preferred customer with significant savings over full retail.

Remember, a retail purchase is a one time order and is 5 to 20% HIGHER. This way you when you buy more ASEA, login and buy at full retail price. There is no obligation to purchase automatically other than the obligation to save money and earn loyalty points. Because we care about your Health and Wealth, a Preferred Customer is a smart choice. Shipment is about 4-5 business days from the order date. *Please note with Holidays and current situations, some orders may take longer. Some great advice, add an extra bottle or tube to your order. This way you will not disrupt your ASEA regime.

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