How Inflammation affects you and your life

Let's talk about how inflammation affects you and your life...

It is a silent thief that, as we speak is taking over parts of your body and without proper diagnosis, it can be deadly. It has been said that it is the “mortal enemy” and affects your overall health and the systems that support it. In this newsletter, I will explain the 4 signs of inflammation and share my personal story and how I found the remedies of success.

In 2007 I was working on a 3rd story attic vent in a lovely seaside community in Maine. Typical work for me and my son’s as we worked through another week. I was 32′ on a ladder when suddenly my ladder started to move. As I frantically tried to right the stance, I lost that battle and began my fall from grace, so to speak. What seemed like minutes was in reality took seconds.

I struggled in mid-air to clear my fall, looking into the eye of death and trying not to be impaled on the implements of my trade. I managed to get my ladder thrown to the side and miss the corner pole of some staging in my work zone. I was actually a spectator to my own demise as I looked down from what I felt was heaven. I land toes first and crumpled as I hit the stone drive. The impact was heavy and as I looked up, I saw my left leg was destroyed.

I was actually looking at the bottom of what was left of my foot and my fibula and tibia had been broken in half. Both were exposed and at this time I realized the extent. I was paralyzed from the waist down. After extensive operations and battling with doctors not to amputate my left leg. I had to learn to walk, move and prove to myself I was not going to be another statistic. I won and with some pain and difficulty, I am walking and living my life mostly as I did before.

How Inflammation affects you and your life

I was left with an unwanted companion though, chronic inflammation and pain. I suffered, man did I suffer. Until I met some amazing people who turned my life around. But first, let me tell you what inflammation did to me and my overall health

How Inflammation affects you and your life

Here are the 4 solid signs of Inflammation;

• Rubar (Latin for Redness)
• Calor ( Latin for Heat)
• Tumor ( Latin for Swelling)
• Dolar ( Latin for Pain)

These terms, used in everyday medical practices and terms are not new to us. These terms originated in the first century with a Roman doctor named Aulus Cornelius Celsus. So, we now know that inflammation has been around since the dawn of time. It is linked to every modern-day disease here in the US and the world over.

Now, back to me…

Suffering for over 13 years with the nightmarish mental anguish of what was happening to me, what is it, and how do escape the pain? Well, my wife Carolyn found an article, and my answers were finally answered! I was in contact with an ASEA associate.

Long story short, my entire makeup was being attacked by inflammatory invaders. My digestive system, my nervous system, muscular and mind. All were subject to it and the kicker, STRESS, yes stress. Years of worry, dealing with the pain and how it affected everyday life. I was literally at my wit’s end. Great news though and thanks to a savvy, educated team that had the knowledge and a passage to my new life. I was on my way to a true blue new you.

LOOK How Inflammation affects you and your life , your new life could start today! Join the Revolution and fight back against your inflammation. Take charge now!

See How Inflammation affects you and your life….

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